HIPAA Rules and Compliance - Spanish Language

HIPAA Rules and Compliance - Spanish Language

Updated Jul 19, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand the history, purpose and content of the health information privacy laws known as HIPAA.
  • Know the types of individuals and business entities that are required to comply with HIPAA.
  • Know specific situations in which protected health information may or may not be used or disclosed.
  • Understand the policies and practices that are required to keep protected health information secure.
Course Description

Course Description

MARCOM's interactive course on HIPAA Rules and Compliance defines HIPAA terms, explains the regulation and discusses what business entities and employees in healthcare-related fields need to do to comply with them. To get quality healthcare, people should not have to sacrifice the privacy or security of their personal health information. The set of regulations known as HIPAA ensures that patient data remains private, but the laws can seem complex and the penalties for non-compliance can be costly.

Areas included in the program include HIPAA and protected health information (PHI), covered entities, business associates and subcontractors, PHI and patients’ rights, guidelines for use and disclosure of PHI, using PHI for marketing and fundraising, requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule, breach notification and penalties, and more. Using a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text and colorful graphics, this course provides the most cost-effective safety and regulatory compliance training available today. 

Course Duration

45 minutes