HAZMAT Transportation - Part 6c - Carrier Requirements - Rail (US)

HAZMAT Transportation - Part 6c - Carrier Requirements - Rail (US)

This module covers the rail carrier requirements that are essential in transporting hazardous materials.

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Updated Jul 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • General operating requirements for rail carriers;
  • Requirements for handling, loading and segregating hazardous materials and positioning rail cars that contain hazardous materials;
  • Recall the documentation, inspection and movement requirements for hazardous materials by rail;
  • Identify proper HAZMAT handling and loading requirements;
  • Determine how to segregate hazardous materials and position rail cars containing these materials. 
Course Description

The DOT (Department of Transportation) identifies requirements for transporting hazardous materials by rail in Part 174 of the HMR (Hazardous Materials Regulations).