HazCom: Your Right to Understand

HazCom: Your Right to Understand

Learn how to interpret labels to identify possible hazards when handling, storing and disposing of chemicals

eLearning Brothers
Updated Jun 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • The OSHA hazard communications standard
  • How hazardous chemicals can affect your body
  • GHS compliant product labels
  • Safety data sheets (SDS) and where to find them
  • How to protect yourself from hazardous chemicals
Course Description

THe latest OSHA HazCom standard not only gives workers the right to know the chemicals and hazards they face but also the right to understand how to protect themselves. This course shows workers how to interpret labels using the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for critical information about the safe handling storage use and disposal of chemicals. Easily customize the learning with your own policies and link to your hazard communication plan Safety Data Sheets and emergency contacts.

Target Audience

Business / Professional Employees

Business Outcomes

Prevent / how to handle safety hazards in the workplace.