Good Working Relations for Managers & Supervisors

Good Working Relations for Managers & Supervisors

This course helps leaders stop bullying and discrimination to foster excellent team culture

Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Updated Jun 20, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Prevent and manage workplace bullying and harassment
  • Understand effects of workplace bullying and harassment
  • Recognise bullying and harassment behaviours
  • Explore manager and supervisor responsibilities, including relevant legislation
  • Apply risk management to prevent bullying
  • Handle reports of bullying and harassment
Course Description

Course Overview: This course is designed to provide managers, supervisors and team leaders with an understanding about workplace bullying and harassment, and what they can do to prevent and manage these issues.

This learning activity is designed to enhance the participant's knowledge and awareness of Good Working Relations including:

  • workplace bullying and harassment
  • relevant legislation
  • discrimination prevention
  • how to prevent this in their workplace


Audience: All managers and supervisors at Australian organisations and companies.