GOALS to Results – Interactive

GOALS to Results – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 24, 2024
Course Description

GOALS to Results is a course designed to help learners to achieve desired results with the GOALS formula. Goals are what you see in the distance, what you’re aiming for. The problem with setting goals is that sometimes they seem unattainable or overwhelmingly large. Psychologist Eve Ash explains how to generate aspirations, organize manageable steps, activate the right attitude, learn new skills and share success.


Once this course is completed you will have learned to generate your key aspirations, organize these goals into manageable steps, and activate a positive attitude by visualizing the results of your endeavors. Learning new skills along the way brings your goals closer to fruition and you will share your success, recognizing those who supported you while mentoring others as they pursue their goals.


Learning Objectives

  • Implement the GOAL formula to achieve results
  • Generate the key aspirations you want to achieve
  • Organize your goals into manageable steps and checklists
  • Activate your positive attitude by visualizing the results
  • Learn new skills
  • Break out of old habits
  • Share your success, recognize those who supported you and mentor others