From Risk Assessment to Incident Investigation

From Risk Assessment to Incident Investigation

Interaction Training
Updated Jul 15, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand the risk assessment process, including comprehensive surveys, change analysis, job hazard analysis, and inspections to identify and assess potential risks comprehensively.
  • Learn protocols for incident investigation, from defining the scope and assembling investigation teams to conducting site inspections, interviews, and preparing comprehensive summary reports.
  • Explore the significance of hazard feedback in continuously improving risk management practices and preventing future incidents.
Course Description

This course emphasises practical approaches to hazard identification and evaluation, stressing collaborative responsibility and proactive measures for ensuring a secure and healthy work environment. Gain insights into the critical role of risk assessment and learn to implement safety measures that promote well-being and security. The course emphasises the importance of hazard feedback to improve risk management practices and prevent future incidents.