Fostering Resilience

Fostering Resilience

Fostering Resilience meditations take you from feeling overwhelmed to empowering you to make your life better.

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Updated Jun 23, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Transform feelings overwhelm to those of empowerment
  • Alleviate stress and negative thinking holding you back
  • Develop resilience for the inevitable challenges of life
  • Overcome bad habits and replace them with ones that support you
  • Feel more loving and compassionate towards yourself and others
  • Tap into your inner power and self-belief
Course Description

The meditations strengthen your mindful awareness, which helps with your ability to be fully present with your experience; negative, positive, and neutral.

The benefits of these meditations include the reduction of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions, while simultaneously building greater resilience.  They will also help to cultivate a deeper sense of compassion, inner peace, and overall wellbeing.

It may not feel possible for you right now. You may even feel a sense of despair that you may never recover. KJ guides you in transforming feelings of powerlessness and shame into compassion, strength, and resilience.

The Fostering Resilience Meditation Series includes:

Dealing with Stressful Events 

Dealing with Stressful Events, 10 minute guided meditation will help to relieve your anxiety and stress. This is a good meditation for beginners as well as those who meditate regularly. It will help to foster relaxation, calm, and resilience.

Alleviate Stress 

Alleviate Stress, 10 minute guided meditation is designed to help alleviate stress while foster feelings of kindness, compassion, and calm.

Weather the Storms of Life

Weather the Storms of Life, 10 minute meditation is designed help you gain strength and stability in the face of life's many changes, difficulties, and uncertainties. Issues that can often seem overwhelming. Use this meditation to reduce stress and build strength and resilience. This meditation is adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mountain Meditation.

Alleviate Cravings and Compulsions 

Alleviate Cravings and Compulsions, 10 minute guided meditation is designed to help alleviate stress, cravings, and compulsive behaviors. This includes substance abuse, gambling, sex, alcohol, drugs, food, technology, and any other compulsive behavior.

Nurture Your Inner Child

Nurture Your Inner Child, 10 Minute guided meditation is designed to foster inner child love, compassion, and healing. It will help deepen the bond between yourself and your inner child. This meditation will also foster greater self-love, compassion, and resilience.

Connect to Your Inner Power

Connect to Your Inner Power, 10 minute guided meditation will help affirm the inner strength and power that resides within you. It will also help to reduce stress, anxiety, cravings, fatigue, sleeplessness, and other physical discomfort.