Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Jun 15, 2024

What you'll learn

  • The various safety checks that licenced operators should perform
  • The various hazards that should be identified in a new workplace
  • Precautions to be taken when forklifts and pedestrians are in the same areas
Course Description

Because of their wide range of uses, forklifts are one of the most versatile and widely used pieces of machinery in our workplaces. However they also have the potential to be one of the most dangerous. Each year forklifts are involved in hundreds of workplace accidents that result in fatalities, serious injuries and property damage. These statistics emphasise the importance of having well maintained forklifts operated by trained workers. 

Target Audience 

This forklift safety video should be shown to those workers working around forklifts as well as those driving them.  

Business Outcomes  

Heightened awareness in the workplace makes for a safer workplace.  If you have forklifts in your workplace, here is a great video for your induction program or short enough (4 minutes) to be an ideal topic for a toolbox talk or refresher training.