Exploring The Changes In Learning And Development

Exploring The Changes In Learning And Development

Sarder Learning
Updated Jul 12, 2024
Course Description

Course Introduction

In this course, the panel discussion explores the past, present, and future of the CLO role and uncovers the key trends and ideas of how the role has and will evolve. With the advent of emerging technologies and disruptions in nearly every industry, CLOs are required to constantly review both their current and future organizational needs. This course talks about the shift in the CLO role that has come about, what new technologies they are experimenting with in their organizations and how they are preparing for their evolving job in accordance with the new requirements.


Some of the topics covered in the course include: Mission Statement for Learning; Challenges in Driving Learning; Role of Business Unit Leaders; Impatient Learner; Learner's Learning Experience; Critical Perspectives; Future of Learning.


Who Should Attend

  • CLO
  • CXO
  • Learning And Development Professionals
  • HR Directors


Course Methodology

This course is based on the panel discussion with Kevin Mulcahy, Partner, Future Workplace, Mark Arell, CLO, Schneider Electric, Tracy Dodd, VP of Talent Development, CA Technologies, Paul Fama, Global Learning Leader, GE and Tal Goldhamer, CLO, EY Americas, from the CLO Insight Summit 2017 by Sarder TV and Future Workplace.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of the CLO
  • Explain the new perspectives of learning approach
  • Understand the role business unit leaders in driving learning
  • Understand the mission for driving learning
  • Discuss the future of learning
  • Understand the concept of impatient learner and learning experience


Course Modules

  • Landscape For Driving Learning
  • Changed Learning Approach
  • Summary