Everyday Sexism

Everyday Sexism

Updated Jun 25, 2024
Course Description

About this course:

Everyday Sexism refers to small, often unintentional behaviours that happen in daily life which reinforce harmful gender stereotypes. These behaviours are often invisible and overlooked, or even accepted. But if this conjures fears of a lesson in political correctness from the “language police” – don’t worry.

In this interactive, game-based module, you will explore examples of everyday sexism - many of which you will recognise - and how small actions can, often unwittingly, create a big impact and make many people feel excluded. You will also receive practical guidance for creating a workplace that truly gives everybody the same opportunity to realise their potential and to feel that their gender is no obstacle to their goals.


Learning Topics:

  • What constitutes everyday sexism
  • Its impact on people and organisations
  • How to help eradicate everyday sexism from the workplace



This course is suitable for all employees.


This course features:

  • A short 10-minute microlearning experience
  • Gamified interface to stimulate thinking, increase engagement and encourage completion
  • A discussion guide to help embed learning in your team
  • Dynamic interactions
  • Animated video
  • Benchmark data for people to compare their perspectives with others



10 Minutes