Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management: 04. Financing Decisions & Instruments for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management: 04. Financing Decisions & Instruments for Entrepreneurs

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Updated Jun 21, 2024
Course Description

This module forms part of the course Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

This is an overview of the entire subject, spanning 5 lectures/modules. Each module will relate to varying components of the whole subject overview.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation is important in all areas of business and plays a crucial role in the economy. An understanding of the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation is essential for identifying new opportunities, allocating resources efficiently and for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, it is imperative that decision makers understand the key concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation and be able to apply this knowledge effectively to create solutions to consumer, market, environmental and social problems.

This course aims to provide students the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. The unit includes the following topics: Entrepreneurship, corporate intrapreneurs, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurial start-ups, IT systems for innovation, strategy and succession planning.
As mentioned above, upon completion of this course students will have the skills and knowledge to identify, plan, develop and launch their own entrepreneurial and innovative ventures.

In addition to the knowledge, skills and their application gained in this course, the study of this unit is also intended to contribute to:

  • Creating adaptable and capable 21st century citizens who can communicate effectively, work collaboratively, think critically and solve complex problems.
  • Creating lifelong learners who can use their understanding of themselves and others to achieve their goals in work and learning.