English at Work 06 - Giving Reasons – Interactive

English at Work 06 - Giving Reasons – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 24, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Build confidence and have fun learning and speaking English as it is really spoken
  • Learn language functions - Giving Reasons - where and why; what should be done; feelings; opinions
  • Master simple grammar lessons – Irregular Past Tense - drive/drove; choose/chose; tell/told; find/found; write/wrote; give/gave; am/was; go/went; get/got; say/said; keep/kept; let/let; see/saw; take/took; send/sent; tell/told; think/thought; steal/stole
  • Master everyday idioms – Your guess is as good as mine; Vanished into thin air; Make a beeline; Zero in; Pick up the tab; Talk shop; Cut to the chase
  • Build vocabulary – train wreck; patience; jargon; work-oriented; appropriate; winner; supportive; reminder; no/know
  • Learn and practice pronunciation – Short Forms - Cos = Because
Course Description

English at Work 06 – Giving Reasons is an entertaining course that explains how to give reasons using because and talk about past actions using irregular forms of the simple past tense.The course covers grammar, idioms, vocabulary and pronunciation and is ideal for workplace learners who already have basic skills in English. It promotes communication and language competence by building the desire and motivation to learn and the confidence to try. Confidence in learning and using English leads to successful communication.


English at Work 06 – Giving Reasons is part of the Cutting Edge English at Work Series which features great characters in amusing situations with fun storylines. It optimizes learner engagement in real conversations, with practical activities that are immediately applicable in the workplace, and in everyday life. The learning approach is founded on proven language learning principles presented in an innovative and effective style.