Engage with Clients Virtually – Interactive

Engage with Clients Virtually – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 23, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Respond quickly however many customers contact you
  • Humanize your communication so people can enjoy dealing with a real person
  • Personalize your offering – anticipate and discover people’s needs and create a unique package in response
  • Deal with problems brilliantly – make it easy to solve clients’ questions and problems
  • Have access to and maintain up to date client records and notes so staff have these at their fingertips
  • Maintain continuous interaction – create a sense of community to build client enthusiasm
  • Reward customer loyalty – make them feel special
Course Description

Engage with Clients Virtually is a course designed to improve your dealings with clients online and in the virtual space by adopting simple strategies recommended by behavioral expert Peter Quarry. Learn seven easy ways to immediately improve your approach to online clients and customers.

Engage with Clients Virtually is a course in which Peter Quarry presents simple ways to enhance any online customer communication. People will learn to respond quickly personalize their approach have data and resources at their fingertips and build client enthusiasm and loyalty.


Learning objectives

  • Decide the areas of your business or relevant causes that need attention and effort
  • Find people already interested, skilled and suited to address these issues
  • Look for people who are passionate and persuasive, and connect with different people across the organization
  • Give them space, resources and time to work on improvements
  • Act on their recommendations
  • Put yourself forward if you are a champion