Enabling autistic learners to reach their potential

Enabling autistic learners to reach their potential

SEND Group
Updated May 27, 2024

What you'll learn

  • understand the autistic learner who may also have other nerodiverse difficulties
  • use strategies to support autistic leaners bearing in mind the spectrum it covers.
Course Description

The aims of this skills-based webinar (which has been written to include advice from teenagers with autism) are: Increase understanding of autistic spectrum conditions and the autistic mind. Increase understanding of other neuro diverse conditions that are often linked to autism. Develop understanding of the issues that autistic learners often face using case studies. Developing strategies to support leraners. Developing understanding of different profiles of learners with autism. Presented by Susan Brooks, Specialist Educational Psychologist (informed by 10 years working as a Consultant Psychologist within an ASD specialist provision)