Emotional Life Skills @ Work

Emotional Life Skills @ Work

WILL Interactive
Updated Jun 22, 2024
Course Description

Empower your workforce with Emotional Life Skills® @ Work—an interactive experience by Give An Hour and WILL Interactive. Prioritize employee well-being in today's evolving work landscape.

ELS® @ Work equips employees with tools to thrive in remote work challenges. Through engaging video scenarios, they learn to make choices fostering productivity and positivity.

Drawing from Give An Hour's curriculum, ELS® @ Work conveys crucial concepts through interactive exercises, informative text, and downloadable resources, including a list of in-person counseling options.

Topics include mental health facts, Covid-19 challenges, signs of emotional suffering, and healthy habits for well-being. Build a supportive community with active listening and empathy.

Choose Emotional Life Skills® @ Work to empower your workforce, foster emotional resilience, and fuel success.

Invest in your team's well-being today!