Emotional Intelligence Level 2: Self Management

Emotional Intelligence Level 2: Self Management

Interaction Training
Updated Jun 21, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Learn to identify stressors and employ effective strategies for stress reduction to enhance workplace stress resilience.
  • Explore essentials of effective time management and adaptability, essential skills for navigating change and promoting productivity.
  • Develop skills in conflict navigation, emotional control, and self-care to promote personal well-being and model emotionally intelligent behaviour in professional settings.
Course Description

This course focuses the second level of emotional intelligence (EI), self-management including essential skills for effective emotion management, personal growth, and resilience. We explore self-care, emotional states, and triggers such as stressors, and investigate strategies for stress reduction and resilience, time management, adaptability, and conflict navigation responses. The essential self-management skills will help you to navigate challenges effectively and promote personal well-being.