Effective Discipline - Industrial Edition

Effective Discipline - Industrial Edition

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Updated Jun 19, 2024
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Effective Discipline provides managers with the tools necessary to dramatically reduce the problem behaviors of employees. When team member performance issues are not resolved, team leaders often must discipline the employee to improve this gap in performance. Disciplining an employee is a difficult and complicated skill. Team leaders should craft their messages to be focused on facts and behaviors and designed for the team member. You'll learn about the discipline escalation process and when to have these kinds of conversations. You'll also learn how to respond to team member emotional reactions and keep the discussion fact-based. You'll practice empathizing as well as keeping the responsibility for solving the issue squarely on the employee. After these key concepts, you'll see a positive example of a team leader disciplining an employee using the proven five-step process. Practicing these conversations along with the included resources will help prepare you to handle these situations on the job.