Driving Innovation Across Cultures

Driving Innovation Across Cultures

Sarder Learning
Updated Jun 24, 2024
Course Description

Course Introduction 

All organizations want to create an environment where creativity and innovation is encouraged. Innovation drives new product growth, enables creative solutions to problems, and keeps an organization competitive. Large multinational corporations face difficult challenges when trying to implement programs geared toward innovation across different countries and cultures where expectations of employees vary.

In this course, experts in managing global initiatives centered on learning and creativity share their knowledge and views on how to successfully implement an ecosystem that promotes innovation and learning.


Who Should Attend 

  • CXOs
  • Senior Management
  • Team Managers
  • Business Heads
  • Innovation Teams
  • Global Business Managers


Course Methodology 

This self-paced e-learning course is based on exclusive interviews with multiple industry leaders and consultants.


Learning Objectives 

  • Generating new ideas, services and products
  • Creating a supportive organizational culture to deliver innovation
  • Promoting risk taking abilities and experimentation
  • How to create a future while managing the current business
  • Innovating on a global scale


Course Modules 

  • Promoting The Culture Of Innovation
    • Nature Of Innovation
    • Being A Role Model
    • Time Of No Criticism
    • Allowing For Failure
  • Creating And Sustaining A Process-Oriented Ecosystem
    • Alliances With Common Goals
    • Processes That Need To Happen
    • Fostering The Need To Experiment
  • Challenges During Implementation
    • Allocating Time And Resources
    • Deeper Consumer Understanding
  • Trickle Up Innovation
    • Identifying Weak Signals
    • Anytime, Anywhere