Driver Safety

Driver Safety

Updated Jul 12, 2024

What you'll learn

  • What's in your control when you're behind the wheel
  • The Fatal 5 behaviours the lead to accidents on the road
  • What your oganisation can do to support your safety on the road
  • What you can do to be prepared for unexpected conditions that may arise on your journey.
Course Description

If your job requires you to drive in any way, it's incredibly important that you know what it takes to navigate safely on the road. Being safe on the road doesn't just impact you — it also affects other drivers, pedestrians, colleagues, your organisation, and their success.

Business Objectives

This course empowers your employees to take an active approach to their road safety. By knowing what's in their control and how to work with your organisation, they'll feel more confident in owning their own and others' safety when representing your organisation on the road.


The ViaUp Driver Safety course is designed to benefit businesses and organisations of any size. If you have employees driving in any capacity, they need to know how to stay safe when they're behind the wheel.

Course Outline

  • Welcome
  • Driver Safety
  • Fatal 5
  • Before You Drive
  • While You're Driving
  • Company Control
  • Unexpected Conditions
  • Complete


Subject Matter Expert



  • Engaging 2D animated video content
  • Immersive 2D scenarios
  • A unique, intuitive course navigation and menu structure.