Drink and Drug Awareness

Drink and Drug Awareness

Understand the meaning of the term ‘disadvantaged’.

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Updated Jul 20, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Drink and drug legalities; underage drinking
  • Drug terminology
  • The characteristics of some well known illegal drugs
  • The need for children to be talked to and understand drink and drugs and the possible short and long term effects
  • The effects of parental substance misuse on young children
  • The importance of safeguarding children with parents who misuse
  • How practitioners can assess the risk
  • The role of local authorities
  • County lines; what it means and the effects
Course Description

Our Drink and Drug Awareness course provides useful information on alcohol misuse, the characteristics of some well-known illegal drugs, the effects of parental substance misuse on children, the importance of safeguarding and county lines.


Target Audience

Nursery Practitioners