Docker Compose in Depth

Docker Compose in Depth

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Updated Jun 17, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Define multi-container application environments using Docker Compose
  • Create flexible environments that intelligently build Dockerfiles and/or pull a Docker images from a remote repository
  • Customize environments via environment variables
  • Partition environments into logical pieces running them in isolation or in aggregate
  • Utilize volumes to persist data and share it between containers
  • Control the startup order of containers
  • Create customized isolated networks for part or all of an environment
Course Description

Course Overview

Docker has taken the development world by storm in recent years being the first effective tool that wraps up a piece of software in a complete file system package installs it on a server and runs it repeatedly. However until recently it was difficult to do this with micro-architectures composed of numerous containers that all need to work in conjunction with one another. Enter Docker Compose the handiest tool to hit the tech world since Docker. Here’s everything you need to know...


Learn Docker Compose Inside Out

  • Define multi-container application environments
  • Create flexible customisable environments and networks
  • Transform an existing application into a fully Docker-ised environment
  • Enhance your Docker experience
  • Make Your Docker Experience Even More Stress-Free

This Docker Compose online course will make you a DC expert learning the tool from top to bottom. It has been specifically designed for those that already know Docker so you’ll skip the baby steps and dive straight in. First you’ll cover the basic features using a sample environment gaining an understanding of restarts dependencies and persisting the database with a volume.

After that you’ll progress to networks. You’ll take an in-depth look at isolating containers aliases and container names links using external networks and how updates affect networking. Then it’s on to the really good stuff; a section each is dedicated to volumes logging the Compose CLI and ‘Composing Compose’ (don’t worry it won’t be as complicated as it sounds by the time you get there).  Finally you’ll learn about Compose in Production.

The course is organised into logical sections so you can progress at your pace and in your own time. By the end you’ll apply what you’ve learned to create a large environment for a sample legacy system using all of the features covered in previous sections. You’ll then have the skills and confidence needed to go forth and create your own flexible application environments with Docker Compose.


About Docker Compose

Docker Compose is a useful tool from the people at Docker. It makes defining and running application environments made up of multiple Docker containers even easier and more efficient.  Up until now starting any more than one or two Docker containers was extremely complicated. With Docker Compose the entire process just got infinitely better.


Target Audience

  • This course is aimed at developers looking to understand and implement application environments using Docker.
  • The ideal student is looking to transform an existing “ad hoc” application into a fully Dockerized environment.
  • Students may also be interested in this course if their goal is simply to understand Docker Compose from top to bottom.
  • Students with no intention of Dockerizing a multi-container application or seeking only to understand Docker itself may not get much out of this course.



  • Students should have a cursory understanding of Docker including how to create images and run containers
  • Students should have access to a development machine with Docker installed
  • This course is not appropriate for students with no prior experience with Docker