Digital tools for enhanced efficiency

Digital tools for enhanced efficiency

Online tools to boost your productivity.

Updated Jul 18, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Increase efficiency at work by using web applications.
  • Discover unexplored paths and different points of view to solve problems.
  • Support daily activities with online tools.
  • Manage your time and tasks.
  • Search for answers and information.
Course Description

Have you ever had to identify and quickly solve a problem? Do you use the web and its tools to support your work? Do you want to learn techniques and methods for being more efficient in your work?

The web provides users with a great variety of software useful for improving time management in work activities, establishing and achieving daily objectives in a practical manner, actively collaborating, quickly searching for information, staying up to date and many other things. Most of these programmes are free or freemium and online; they can be used without having to download anything to your computer. These tools take advantage of the potential of cloud technology and can also be used on smartphones and tablets. In this pill you will learn how to increase your working efficiency by using web tools.