Demonstrate Your Strengths - Interactive

Demonstrate Your Strengths - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 25, 2024
Course Description

Surprise people with knowledge, experience and self-awareness. This interactive course is designed to help anyone wanting to boost their career and do better at work. Practical advice and a humors touch make this an enjoyable learning experience.


An entertaining approach as some of the Cutting Edge team learn how to demonstrate their strengths. Dion considers he is a hot new prospect for the company but Michael tells him he’s arrogant, snarky and a know-it-all. Sam, Serena and Steve help the interns to recognize their strengths and to surprise people with their research and knowledge and show how it can be of benefit to the company. Sometimes people have skills that can be built into strengths. Tatiana concedes she is argumentative; Steve explains that seeing the other side of things is a strength when it comes to understanding a client’s perspective. It is also an asset in negotiation and customer skills. The interns both acknowledge they have learned more about themselves and their attitudes to work – and self-awareness is critical for improvement. Michael is touched by Dion’s genuine passion for his work and ends up telling Dion none of the staff liked him when he first arrived.


Key Learning Points

  • Use Experience to Shine
  • Surprise People with Knowledge
  • Turn Skills Into Strengths
  • Grow Through Self-Awareness
  • 20Show Genuine Passion


Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the popular Success at Work Series created by the producers of Cutting Edge Communication Comedy. Two confident interns face challenges working with the Cutting Edge team, providing an entertaining approach to employability skills with practical strategies for effective communication, prioritization, teamwork, goal-setting and workplace success.