This course is for managers who wants to improve their delegation skills. The course includes a five-step delegation process to follow, as well as other resources and templates to help you master this skill.

Vital Learning
Updated May 27, 2024

What you'll learn

  • What to delegate
  • Issues in delegating
  • Five-step process for delegating
  • Mastering delegating
Course Description

Course Overview

Delegating helps managers master the skills necessary to effectively assign work to others. Delegation is a necessary skill to succeed as a manager. This course helps you identify what can, should, and must be delegated. You'll learn to identify and overcome common issues that arrive when delegating tasks to others. You'll also learn how to effectively structure a delegation conversation using the proven five-step process. There are also included resources and templates to help you delegate back on the job. The course will help you conquer the critical skill of assigning tasks and projects to other employees.