Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Updated Jul 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand the core principles of critical thinking
  • Learn about bias, value judgements and other challenges to be aware of when thinking critically
  • Learn how and when to deploy data to build your business case
  • Understand statistical significance, averages, correlation causation and bias in data
  • Learn how to define, examine and research your problem
  • Learn how to generate options for problems and the power of group sourcing solutions
  • Learn to analyze your solutions, decide on a path forward and plan your solution
  • Understand how to present your business case or solution in a structured way
Course Description

Making better decisions within an organization is crucial to getting better results. However, effective decision-making can become a significant challenge in a complex organizational environment with competing interests and limited resources.

This Critical Thinking and Problem-solving course by Cathy Presland (Economist and Government advisor) will help you overcome that challenge.

We'll teach you to apply a structured and straightforward approach to problem-solving so that new options become clear. You'll also learn how to use a critical thinking framework to solve problems at work.

Course Prerequisites

This Critical Thinking and Problem Solving course assumes no existing knowledge of the topic.

Course Details

This Critical Thinking and Problem Solving training uses a combination of text, bitesize videos, practice exercises and interactive knowledge checks.