Coronavirus Awareness

Coronavirus Awareness

Learn about the spread and prevention of Coronavirus and how to respond if you're showing symptoms

Updated Jun 20, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand what the Coronavirus is and what we know about it so far
  • Learn how to reduce the risk of contracting the virus and spreading infection to those around you
  • Learn about the symptoms and protocol if you think you or someone you know has contracted the virus
Course Description

In this short free Coronavirus eLearning video, we provide practical advice to raise awareness of what Coronavirus is, how to reduce the risk of the virus spreading and what to do if you’re showing symptoms. This free resource is for anyone wishing to find out more about Coronavirus and how to minimise its impact.

Fear of the unknown and feeling like we have a lack of control certainly contributes to further panic. But what’s important is learning what there is to know at the moment, and how this information can help us to take preventive measures, whilst also knowing what to do if further action is needed. Thankfully, there are a few things that can be done.

No one likes being ill or spreading their germs to those they live or work with. Having an understanding of how infections spread and knowing how to reduce the likelihood of becoming ill helps protect everyone that may be at risk. 

There are many different types of infections, from the common cold to the more serious such as MRSA, SARS and Coronavirus. We may breathe in airborne viruses, catch them from contact with infected people or contaminated objects or surfaces. Simple control methods such as washing hands frequently and good respiratory hygiene go towards preventing the spread of infections. 

We hope that all individuals and organisations will benefit from this free resource that provides simple infection prevention strategies for Coronavirus, which extends to symptoms and treatment, as well as what to do if you believe you or someone in your household or organisation has Coronavirus.