Construction Scaffolding Safety

Construction Scaffolding Safety

Compliance Training Online
Updated Jul 23, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to OSHA Construction Scaffolding Safety Training
  • Scaffold Platform Construction
  • Supported Scaffold Bracing
  • Suspension Scaffold Support Devices
  • Safe Access to Scaffolds
  • Scaffold Load Capacity
  • Fall Protection Introduction
  • Fall Protection: Guardrails
  • Scaffold-Specific Safety Requirements
  • Safety Training for Workers
  • Non-mandatory Guidance for Fulfilling OSHA Scaffolding Standards
Course DescriptionThis course covers the OSHA Safety Standards for Scaffolds used in the Construction Industry standard (1926 subpart L) is targeted to employees of organizations that must use or erect and or dismantle different types of scaffolding utilized in the construction industry. The approach of this course is to cover hazard identification, control, and checklists for specific types of scaffolds.