Conflict Management

Conflict Management

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Updated May 24, 2024
Course Description

Course Introduction 

Conflicts happen at every level in the corporate world. Disagreements can derail mergers and acquisitions, disrupt relevant departments from working together on projects, and disrupt overall productivity. Maurice Schweitzer, author of Friend & Foe, shares practical tools for handling conflicts at work and promoting successful collaboration. According to Maurice, all relationships contain elements of competition and certain skills must be learned to move toward cooperation. 


In this course, you will learn strategies to deal with conflict in the workplace with the goal of moving toward constructive collaboration. You will also learn of strategies used to create a balance between forces of cooperation and competitiveness using techniques such as gaining power, building trust and motivating others.


Who Should Attend 

  • CXOs
  • Directors
  • Team Managers
  • Business Heads


Course Methodology 

This self-paced e-learning course is based on an exclusive interview with Maurice Schweitzer, author of Friend & Foe.


Learning Objectives 

  • Why is cooperating with others so difficult
  • Tips on how to move past the natural competitive instinct to cooperate
  • How to diffuse anger and generate constructive discussion
  • Recommendations on how to listen effectively
  • How to build trust as a leader


Course Modules 

  • Understanding Human Behaviour
    • Dynamics Of Power
    • Principles Of Conflict Management
    • Balancing Competition And Collaboration
    • Building Trust
  • Effective Interactions
    • Successful Negotiations
    • Staying Modest
  • Bonding Vs. Targeting
    • Science Behind Gossip
    • Impact Of Trash Talking
  • Finding The Balance
    • Flexibility In Decision-Making
    • Avoid Leaning Too Far