Sexual Harassment Prevention (Gated 2-Hour Supervisor Training for California)

Sexual Harassment Prevention (Gated 2-Hour Supervisor Training for California)

WILL Interactive
Updated May 28, 2024
Course Description

Gated 2-Hour Compliance for California Supervisors: AB1825/AB2053 - A comprehensive program that covers harassment prevention, sexual harassment, and abusive conduct. It is also compliant for Supervisors in all U.S. States and Employees in Connecticut.

Say farewell to dull click-through text screens, unimpressive visuals, and cheesy videos! Enter Common Ground Business, the game-changer in engaging and impactful learning experiences. It's the ultimate solution for your organization's sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training needs, boasting prestigious awards like The Communicator Award Gold Award of Excellence for Online Video, Horizon Interactive Awards Best in Instructional Video Training, and Ava Awards Platinum Web Training/e-Learning.

Built on research and evidence-based practices, Common Ground Business 1 sets a new standard for anti-harassment training, using fictionalized dramatizations of real events to foster empathy. Our proprietary Interactive Behavior Modification System applies neuroscience and learning theory, enhancing knowledge, critical thinking, and decision-making.

Immerse your employees in challenging scenarios, gaining practical insights through interactive experiences. Key topics covered include sexual harassment prevention, hostile work environments, reporting, investigations, and resolution.

Common Ground Business is available in English and Spanish.

Choose Common Ground Business 1 to create a respectful and productive workplace, leaving behind inadequate anti-harassment training.