CLEAR Service

CLEAR Service

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 26, 2024
Course Description

CLEAR Service is for everyone as we are all providing service to our teams, our clients and our managers. It can be challenging when you’re called on to deal with issues that erupt. Sometimes you’re mopping up after other people’s mistakes, or you’re faced with having to devise a solution on the spot. Psychologist Eve Ash explains that we give great service and solve difficult problems, especially when we are CLEAR: clarifying, listening, empathizing, asking and resolving.

Once this video is completed you will have learned the five key skills to be CLEAR. Clarify the issue, listen carefully, empathize with the other person’s feelings, ask questions to reach solutions and resolve the problem.

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Learning Objectives

Use the CLEAR formula to deliver excellent service:

  • Clarify the issues
  • Listen carefully
  • Empathize with the client about their situation and feelings
  • Ask questions to reach solutions
  • Resolve problems