Claims Made Liability Forms

Claims Made Liability Forms

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Updated Jun 21, 2024
Course Description

Course Overview

This hour-long course teaches you about the Claims Made CGL (Commercial General Liability) policy form and how it differs from the standard Occurrence Based CGL form.

  • CGL: Insuring Agreement, Limits, Rights & Responsibilities
  • Differences Between Occurrence Form and Claims Made Form
  • Claims Made CGL Coverage
  • Discovery Period
  • Reporting Period / Extended Reporting Period Endorsement
  • Nose & Tail Coverage
  • Consent to Settle Clause
  • Claims
  • Typical Classes of Insurance
  • Possible Coverage Gaps
  • Policy Pricing

Target Audience

Insurance professionals, accountants, lawyers or other non-insurance employees responsible for procuring insurance for their business.

Learning Objectives

Help insurance professionals and non-insurance professionals alike learn more about Commercial General Liability (CGL) and insured contracts.