Chest tubes and underwater seal drains: Nursing management

Chest tubes and underwater seal drains: Nursing management

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Updated Jul 25, 2024

What you'll learn

  • The anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system as it relates to chest drainage systems and the pathophysiology that results in the need for a drain.
  • Principles of care of chest drainage systems including chest tube insertion, underwater seal drain set up, and maintenance.
  • The complications of chest tubes.
  • How to troubleshoot complications.
  • The nurse’s role in providing care for a patient with chest tubes.
Course Description

Course Overview:

This 3 hour interactive course provides comprehensive instruction on all aspects of nursing management of chest tubes and underwater seal drains.  


Target Audience



Business Case
This course forms the theoretical component of any competency based assessment on chest tube management and care. It contributes significantly to safety in practice, using current best practice guidelines.