California Anti-Harassment: 06. Investigating Complaints

California Anti-Harassment: 06. Investigating Complaints

Updated Jul 22, 2024
Course Description

Complaints of sexual harassment must be handled swiftly and proficiently. As asupervisor, part of your role may be to assist in or fully conduct an investigation into a sexual harassment complaint. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, there is very strict criteria one must follow in order to participate in the investigatory process. This is very important for you to understand as you investigate or assign an investigator. So in this program, we'll talk about what exactly is required of an investigator. This includes how to collect evidence, how to interview witnesses, and how to conclude an investigation. We'll go over the importance of objectivity and finding the truth. Well also discuss protection from retaliation and taking the appropriate action. For more information, contact