Business Writing

Business Writing

Updated Jun 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Learn to write for your reader, not for yourself
  • Learn to predict your reader's response and write accordingly
  • Understand the importance of writing with purpose
  • Learn to plan your business writing
  • Understand flow in writing and how important it is for conveying your message clearly
  • Learn to structure your writing to make it easy to follow
  • Master writing a great sentence
  • Brush up on your punctuation and grammar and how to avoid the passive voice
  • Learn to manage and categorize feedback on your writing
  • Master editing to improve the readability of your writing
Course Description

Writing at work can be frightening. Many people get blocked when forced to put their thoughts into words. It's easy to see how you might overlook the importance of writing in our frantic, numbers-driven world.

Whether you are writing an email to an important client, your boss, or designing an ad campaign that millions will see, effectively communicating your message is essential.

This Business Writing course offers tangible tools and techniques to help you write clearly, and in a way that attracts readers and keeps their attention.

Course Prerequisites
This Business Writing training assumes you are fluent or have conversational level English.

Course Details
This Business Writing course uses a combination of text, bitesize videos, practice exercises and interactive knowledge checks.