BUILD Relationships

BUILD Relationships

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 18, 2024
Course Description

BUILD Relationships provides a clear process, BUILD, for establishing positive relationships for a successful sale, a collaborative team or a productive business. Building relationships is at the heart of everything we do, according to psychologist Eve Ash. There is more pleasure and value to be found in relationships that are built from the ground up.

Once this video is completed you will have learned to implement the BUILD formula – begin with establishing rapport with the other person, understand what’s important to them, initiate engaging communication, listen with an open mind and discover new qualities – in them and in yourself.

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Learning Objectives

Build viable relationships implementing the BUILD formula:

  • Begin with building rapport
  • Understand what’s important
  • Initiate engaging communication
  • Listen with an open mind
  • Discover new qualities in the other person and yourself