Build Android Apps with App Inventor 2 - No Coding Required

Build Android Apps with App Inventor 2 - No Coding Required

Stone River eLearning
Updated Jun 23, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Create Android Applications using App Inventor 2.
  • Understand how to publish created applications to the Google Play Store.
  • Understand how to update created applications once they have been published to the Google Play Store.
  • Navigate and use the App Inventor 2 interface fluidly effectively and efficiently.
  • Understand the basics of programming.
Course Description

Course Overview

Everybody has a great idea for an app. The problem is not many of those people have the skills or knowledge required to make that idea a reality. Building an app regardless of its simplicity or platform requires certain technical know-how like coding UX/UI design and more. App Inventor 2 however cuts through all of the smoke and allows anyone – even those with no coding experience – to build Android apps from the ground up. This course will teach you how.


Android Apps in an Instant

During the 204 lectures and 17 hours of content contained within this course you'll learn the basics of programming in a fun and practical way while creating fully fledged ready-to-use Android apps. You'll start off with setting up App Inventor 2 and choosing the options you'll need for your future apps. Then you'll get to know the interface and tools before diving straight in and creating not one not two but TEN apps. These apps will increase in complexity as you work through them using features such as the component editor and blocks editor.

When you've built your ten apps you'll also learn how to test update and publish them to the Play Store. By the end of this course you'll be an advanced app builder using App Inventor 2.


Tools Used

App Inventor 2 is an open source web application originally developed by Google and now maintained by MIT. It is aimed at beginner programmers and specially designed to enable them to build Android apps. It turns complicated coding language into visual drag and drop blocks so there is no need for the user to learn code before building their apps.


Target Audience

Any person who has a desire to create Android applications but that might be daunted by the idea of programming.Any person who has a great idea for an Android application that they want to see come to life.Any person who wants learn the basics of programming in a fun and practicle wayExperienced programmers who already have knowledge in creating Android applications.