Brainstorm and Solve Creatively – Interactive

Brainstorm and Solve Creatively – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 16, 2024

What you'll learn

  • DON’T be lazy with your thinking INSTEAD: Sharpen your mind
  • DON’T hold back INSTEAD: Be open to ideas
  • DON’T sidestep problems INSTEAD: Solve with facts and logic
  • DON’T block ideas INSTEAD: Challenge everyone creatively
Course Description

Brainstorming and Solving Creatively is course designed to encourage people to conduct quality brainstorming and problem solving sessions in a group or individually, and explore solutions to challenges and work issues. Learn to freely share ideas, regardless of position in the company. The aim of spontaneously sharing ideas is to facilitate creative problem-solving but it requires a structured process.

In this Brainstorming and Solving Creatively course you will learn from the entertaining Cutting Edge team, to sharpen your mind, be open to ideas, solve with facts and logic and challenge everyone creatively. Gathering as many ideas as possible is an effective approach to problem solving. A mind map can be used to compile a list of possible solutions to a problem. Solutions can sometimes come from crazy ideas. Let go of conventional ways of thinking. Constructively discuss all suggestions, without criticizing them, and give credit where it’s due.