Basic English 05 What do you do? – Interactive

Basic English 05 What do you do? – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 24, 2024
Course Description

Basic English 05 – What do you do? is an entertaining course to help people improve their English, and learn to confidently pose questions and talk about jobs – what they do and what others do for work. It also covers basic grammar, useful everyday expressions and new vocabulary. The style is simple, clear and easy to follow, and will help learners develop confidence in speaking English correctly, both at work and in their personal lives.


Basic English 05 – What do you do? is part of the Cutting Edge Basic English Series which features great characters in amusing situations with fun storylines. It optimizes learner engagement in real conversations, with practical activities that are immediately applicable in the workplace, and in everyday life. The learning approach is founded on proven language learning principles presented in an innovative and effective style.


Learning Objectives

  • Build confidence in speaking conversational English
  • Learn different ways to ask about and answer ‘job’ questions – What do you do? What is your job?
  • Learn simple grammar – Negatives, ‘not’ AFTER the verb, ‘do not’ / ‘does not’ BEFORE the verb
  • Master the use of a common everyday expression – out of order
  • Build vocabulary of words about jobs – receptionist, school teacher, lawyer, accountant, manager
  • Practice speaking with examples that recap the lessons – short forms e.g. can’t, won’t, haven’t