Research Methods in Business - Lecture 4: Qualitative & Quantitative Data Analysis

Research Methods in Business - Lecture 4: Qualitative & Quantitative Data Analysis

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Updated Jun 13, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand the principles underpinning the business research process and make informed decisions about how to undertake research in a given circumstance.
  • Examine the key challenges faced by people when undertaking research in a business context and be able to identify and employ techniques for managing these challenges.
  • Analyse a problem, undertake efficient desk research and write a problem statement.
  • Use at least one qualitative or quantitative research technique to collect and analyse data.
  • Present and defend your opinions by preparing a research report suitable for submission to a practitioner journal or presentation to business executives.
Course Description

This module forms part of the course Research Methods in Business

This is an overview of the entire subject, spanning 5 lectures/modules. Each module will relate to varying components of the whole subject overview.

This subject has been designed to provide an understanding of the principles that underpin good business research. It looks at the research process from problem definition through to project conception and finally, publication of the research outcomes. Students will be introduced to a range of research processes that will inform their choice of research problem, research methodology, research methods and data analysis. The subject will also introduce them to the ethical and pragmatic concerns that impact on the research process.