Anyone Could be a Thief

Anyone Could be a Thief

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 16, 2024
Course Description

Colin McLaren discusses the assumption that anyone, even those in high trust positions, might steal. He discusses the measures needed to prevent this. 


Course Overview 

It is necessary for workplaces to assume that anyone can be a thief, even those in high trust positions like finance, or those “working back late”. To prevent dishonesty and theft, install sensors and CCTV, or audible alarms and manage people appropriately. Colin McLaren recommends choosing the right application to address the problem. 


Key Learning Points 

Anyone can be a thief, says Colin McLaren former homicide taskforce leader: 

  • People who work in high trust areas (e.g. finance) must be managed 

  • People working back late must be vetted 

  • Ramp up security – install remote sensors and CCTV 

  • Choose the right application for the problem 


Interviewer: Eve Ash 

Interviewee: Colin McLaren