Anti-Kickback Regulations & AdvaMed Code

Anti-Kickback Regulations & AdvaMed Code

Understand which types of transactions are appropriate and legal.

Updated May 24, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Evaluate your business practices for compliance with the AdvaMed Code and Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Assess your training and education programs to ensure they abide by the Code
Course Description

As a medical technology sales representative you know that you're required to maintain the highest ethical standards. In relationships with healthcare professionals and others who have influence over product referrals and purchase it’s essential that you understand what types of transactions are legal ethical and appropriate.

This course covers the business and ethical standards covered in the AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Association) Code of Ethics and the Anti-Kickback Statute which regulate the dealings between medical technology salespeople and healthcare professionals. You'll also learn about acceptable training and education programs as well as the criteria for providing grants. This 1-hour course includes video and audio narration that guides you through steps in detail for an easy learning experience. The course includes inline knowledge checks and activities a downloadable copy of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and an assessment upon completion.