An Introduction To Equality & Diversity

An Introduction To Equality & Diversity

Updated Jun 14, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Develop your understanding of the Equality and Diversity Act
  • Identify the 9 key areas that make up Equality and Diversity law legislation
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the differences between the meaning of equality and diversity
Course Description

Although used interchangeably, the terms 'equality' and 'diversity' are no the same.


The Skillshub "An Introduction To Equality & Diversity" course showcases how equality is about creating a fairer working society, where as diversity is about recognising an individual as different.


Once the course is complete you will understand why equality and diversity is important and what 9 key areas make up the legislation.


The Skillshub Rapid Recall Microlearning Series is made up of a Video, Action Planning, Cheat Sheet, Coaching Blueprint and Session Notes to allow you to take action back in the workplace. The session also requires you to pass a quick-fire quiz with a maximum of three multiple choice questions.