An Effective Leader's Guide to Time Management

An Effective Leader's Guide to Time Management

A key skill of great leaders is managing their time to be highly effective and productive. In this course, you'll learn eight key time management principles to help your better manage your time and achieve your goals.

Updated Jul 19, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Eight key time management strategies and tools
  • The importance of knowing your priorities and learning to say no
  • The Four D's tool
  • Using time chunks and strategic downtime
  • Identifying and avoiding your time robbers
Course Description

Ever wonder how some people get more done in the same 24 hours than you do? Gain the skills to up your productivity and own your time with this effective leaders guide to time management. This course uses application exercises and a rich multi-media process to integrate effective time management skills into your daily practices. This results in increased productivity, effectiveness, and overall desired outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Focus your attention and effort by knowing your priorities
  • Avoid over-committing and over-promising by learning to say "no"
  • Utilize effective techniques and strategies to improve your productivity

Time to complete

30 min