Hospitality - Preparing Beds to Professional Standards

Hospitality - Preparing Beds to Professional Standards

Professional Hospitality Training
Updated Jul 12, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Identify different bedding and quality checks
  • Use professional techniques to make beds
  • Identify hygiene and presentation standards
Course Description

Course Overview


Most people ‘love their bed’ at home, therefore Housekeeping staff have a responsibility to ensure that the way the bed looks gives guests an impression that care has been taken and the way the bed is made contributes to a comfortable night’s sleep.


Target Audience

Operational housekeeping staff in hotels and guesthouses. Preparing Beds Using Professional Standards can be used for new staff to support internal on job training, to set a benchmark of Housekeeping standards for the whole team, to support the development of knowledge behind the practice, as part of your own training schemes or by people wishing to gain knowledge of the Housekeeping role in order to apply for a job. Businesses may avoid training casual or agency staff as it is an additional cost and the turnover is high but using our inclusive programmes these staff can be planned into routine training at no extra cost. approach. Preparing Beds Using Professional Standards will contribute to the guided learning hours for staff undertaking the Housekeeping pathway in the Hospitality Team Member apprenticeship.