AI in FinTech

AI in FinTech

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Updated Jul 19, 2024
Course Description

Course Overview

In recent years, explosion of data, inexpensive computing power and developments in big data processing infrastructure have led to increased use of Machine Learning in all industries. So, financial services incumbents as well as FinTech startups are using Machine Learning and Data Science to improve business economics and maintain/create their competitive advantage. Since data volume is only expected to increase in this digital world, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are expected to get ubiquitous in the coming years with wide range of implications for FinServ and FinTech companies.


Target Audience

Bankers, finance professionals, engineers, accountants, lawyers/regulators, consultants, educators, HR personnel, corporate innovators, students from all backgrounds, career switchers, entrepreneurs.


Learning Outcomes

This course will provide you with knowledge about:

  • how AI and ML are applied to the finance industry
  • how it works,
  • its beginning and evolution
  • cases of its uses from large fintech companies around the world
  • what are its benefits; and
  • how it can be leveraged in many industries, but primarily finance and payments


Business Outcomes

  • Initiatives to introduce AI in processes within organizations.
  • Educating empolyees about AI and ML to be ready for the trends ahead in the finance and payment industry and how they can be leveraged.
  • Set an innovation based culture that sees ahead the changes and create opportunities out of them.
  • Inspire entrepreneurs to leverage AI and ML to launch new products.