Agile organisation

Agile organisation

Incremental development, rapid delivery, frequent consultation and continual adjustment.

Updated Jun 24, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Moving from traditional to agile organisation is a paradigm shift.
  • Get to know the main differences between waterfall or scrum development processes.
  • Apply the principles of an agile methodology.
Course Description

Do you know what an agile company is and what agile project management consists of? Do you know the difference between lean, agile, scrum, and kanban?

In this pill, you'll learn the differences between an industrial organisation based on a machine model and a post-industrial organisation, which is more similar to a living organism, as it can self-regulate and adapt to the surrounding environment. You'll learn about the Scrum methodology and its fast and flexible planning. You’ll discover the main competencies in an agile organisation, how it impacts the way you work, and you'll be inspired to make your work agile.