ADAPT to change

ADAPT to change

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 15, 2024
Course Description

ADAPT to Change is designed to help learners confronted with challenging changes to use a positive attitude and strategy to adapt and thrive.

Once this video is completed you will have learned to ADAPT to help make difficulties easier to manage. In this video, psychologist Eve Ash showed that practicing skills of adaptation is a better way for managing reactions to change. You will have learned to accept what you cannot control, and define the problem by examining the facts. This helps you to adjust to the situation so you can plan a pathway forward with the facts you’ve assembled. Then you can thrive in creative ways and help others to do so as well.

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Learning Objectives

Learn to transform coping into adapting with the five step formula – ADAPT:

  • Accept what we cannot control
  • Define the problem
  • Adjust to the new situation
  • Plan a pathway forward
  • Thrive in creative ways