Active Threat Response

Active Threat Response

WILL Interactive
Updated Jun 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Look, Listen, Tell: Early Warning ID
  • Run, Hide, Fight: DHS Best Practices
  • Breathe, Think, Act: Survival Mindset
  • Stop the Bleed™ to DoD Standard
Course Description

In today's unpredictable world, Crisis Consultant Group and WILL Interactive have partnered to create Active Threat Response (ATR). ATR offers an immersive training experience using an interactive movie format, applying adult learning theory for maximum retention.

ATR equips individuals with practical instructions during active threat events, emphasizing user-centered experiences in a safe online environment. Independent studies prove its effectiveness in positively influencing real-life actions, meeting U.S. Department of Homeland Security Training Requirements.

Covering essential aspects of active threat response, ATR includes early warning ID, DHS best practices (Run, Hide, Fight), survival mindset (Breathe, Think, Act), and Stop the Bleed™ to DoD Standard.

With manageable chapters, ATR offers maximum flexibility, fully functional within your LMS or WILL's portal.

Ensure your workforce's safety and preparedness. Choose Active Threat Response today.