Active Shooter and Other Acts of Targeted Violence

Active Shooter and Other Acts of Targeted Violence

Vector Solutions
Updated Jul 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Describe active shooter and active threat profiles
  • Identify ways to prepare for targeted violence situations
  • Describe options for dealing with an active shooter or threat
  • List recommendations for interacting with first responders during targeted violence situations
Course Description

Active shooter or threat suspects are bent on killing as many people as quickly as possible in most cases. Knowing how to react in a targeted violence situation can increase your chances of survival.


This interactive online course will teach you about various types of targeted violence. You will learn how to improve your chances of survival by preparing for targeted violence. You will also learn about the precautions for targeted violence and the indicators and traits to look out for so you'll know what to expect in various situations. Finally, you'll be trained on how to react to targeted violence by identifying roles and responsibilities and relaying communication effectively so that you can calmly interact with first responders.