A Useful Guide To Performance Coaching

A Useful Guide To Performance Coaching

The BCF Group
Updated Jul 24, 2024
Course Description

“We are where we are in life largely as a result of the choices we make” One of the first principles to establish in performance coaching is ownership, in order to ensure that an individual recognises that what they achieve in life is in their own hands.

Benefits of using this Useful Guide

You will develop your understanding of performance coaching, the processes involved and how effective this approach is in helping others reach their full potential. You will have the opportunity to explore the core attributes of a coach, and to define the performance coach that you wish to be. You will gain a deeper understanding of what motivates people, and why this is relevant to becoming a successful performance coach.

Performance Coaching: What it is

Performance Coaching will inspire individuals with the motivation and ability to raise their game and achieve goals and targets through effective Coaching skills.